Sustainable Farming. Vegetables & Herbs at Schooner Creek Farm


Regenerative Agriculture

Doug Mackey has professionally grown chemical-free vegetables and herbs for over a decade. Using no-till/ no-tractor, "human-scale"sustainable methods, he sells his produce weekly for 10 months out of the year. Doug co-owns Schooner Creek Farm with his wife. They and their three children work together to grow thousands of pounds of produce each year, which they provide to their local community through retail sales at farmer's markets and CSA Memberships. (Community Supported Agriculture)

Doug is also the "face" of the business, and enjoys sipping locally roasted coffee on Saturday mornings and visiting with his customers and fellow farmers at The Bloomington Community Farmer's Market, where he has been vending since 2011.

Schooner Creek Farm

A Natural Process

Doug hasn't always been a vegetable farmer. For many years he backpacked all across the United States, exploring vast wilderness areas and studying the fauna and flora, common and rare species, of the desert Southwest, the old growth forests of the Northwest, and even working on Blueberry farms in Maine, and everything in between. 

Douglas took courses with Tom Brown Jr. yet is mostly self-taught in "primitive technology" and has shared his knowledge with others. From building friction fires with certain types of wood, identifying and preparing wild edible plants and herbal medicines to building traditional structures such as wickiups and yurts, Doug has a deep well of inspiration for keeping the skills and stories of traditional cultures alive.

Some of Douglas' other hobbies include hiking, reading and studying Kyokushin Karate.

It was a natural process that led him to a homesteading life, where his interest grew in the realms of food preservation, Swedish woodcarving, and growing healthy food for his family, ultimately landing him in the business of selling produce to the community. 

Douglas specialized in stonework retaining walls, cut Limestone paths, building Koi ponds and planting rare and unusual conifers and Japanese Maples during his years working as Foreman for Laura's Design in Bloomington, Indiana. 

Fast forward to today when he is well known for his beautiful, high quality, abundant produce and herbs as well as his jolly spirit and great laugh, all of which can be found at several local farmers markets.



Doug's appreciation for nature has always been a spiritual feeling, which is why he has taken his passion for knowledge-seeking to the areas of modern day regenerative and sustainable agriculture. Reviving "old fashioned" growing methods while combining contemporary tools and innovations from other successful growers, Doug is able to produce a massive amount of food for his community, while holding fast to his values of protecting the planet, good land stewardship, and permanent culture (permaculture).

Schooner Creek Farm enjoys donating money, plants, textiles for silent auctions, as well as time teaching, to several local organizations and groups such as Sycamore Land Trust, Bloomington Community Orchard, The Wild Nature Project, The Local Growers Guild, WFHB Radio, and more. The farm hosts Indiana University Agriculture students for educational tours. Schooner Creek Farm has been featured in several local publications such as BLOOM Magazine and Our Brown County. They sell their products weekly at several local farmers markets.